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My Contribution

Design Research, Art Direction, Illustration, UX/UI


Christopher Clark: Design Research, Illustration, Copywriting, UX/UI


In the complex landscape of medication management, individuals often encounter challenges in understanding their prescriptions and maintaining a consistent medication routine. The lack of user-friendly resources leaves many struggling to track and comprehend the impact of different drugs on their well-being.


Our solution is a platform designed to simplify the understanding of medications, providing a friendly interface for users to keep up with their prescriptions. By breaking down medication usage and enabling users to track their experiences, our app aims to empower individuals to better comprehend their health journey, fostering a comprehensive history that proves invaluable during future medical consultations and checkups.

Pharmacy Research

Based on insights gathered from interviews with Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists, a comprehensive overview of the pharmacy environment emerges. A significant 67% of the staff perceives the pharmacy as consistently bustling and fast-paced. Consultation times were reported to vary between 2 to 15 minutes, indicative of the dynamic nature of the pharmacy setting. Furthermore, 68% of the staff believes that enhanced patient knowledge about medications before pickup could significantly enhance pharmacy efficiency. A substantial 70% advocates for patients gaining more insights into their medications and maintaining a comprehensive history. Moreover, 66% of the staff expresses the belief that a dedicated platform, distinct from general internet searches, could play a crucial role in preventing dispensing errors by aiding patients in understanding their medications thoroughly. These findings illuminate the potential benefits of improved patient education and accessible platforms for streamlined pharmacy operations and enhanced patient safety.

How might we?...

Simplify the context of prescription info

Help users get access to a doctor at any time

Remind the users when to take their medication

Keep track of symptoms or feelings patients may experience

User Persona

Jane is a shy 22 year old women that goes to the doctor for a check up. She gets asked about the recent medications she’s taken and realizes she doesn’t remember all the names of her past prescriptions.

The doctor prescribes her something and recommends the Clear Dose App as a suggestion for any of the information she didn’t get or if she so happened to have any questions while she was taking her medications.