Spindrift is America’s first sparkling water made with real fruit. The challenge was to create a Dry January campaign to promote their non-alcoholic sparkling waters.

Dry January is a campaign that was launched by Alcohol Change UK to encourage people to abstain from partaking in alcohol for the month of January.


With Dry January being a challenge that people voluntarily undertake in mind, we came up with the tagline, “Survive in style”. The tagline for the Spindrift Dryuary campaign informed our decisions on social media, packaging and advertising.

With a fun and minimal illustration style, we appealed to Millenials with our social media posts and mocktail packaging. We also also took inspiration from humorous memes for the tiktok and outdoor advertising.

Art Direction, Branding


Art Direction, Design Research, Illustration, UX/UI

Puti Bao: Art Direction, Design Research, Illustration, Social Media, Packaging (Print)
Isabella De La Garza: Art Direction, Copywriting, Design Research, Ad Campaign
Megan Cisneros: Art Direction, Design Research, Illustration, Packaging
Cindy Ly: Art Direction, Copywriting, Design Research, Illustration, Social Media, Video Editing