The primary goal of this project is to create an engaging and impactful trade show exhibition for the brand "Little Words Project." This exhibition aims to showcase the brand's journey, mission, and the transformative power of kindness through its signature bracelets.


The project approach revolves around embodying the Little Words Project's essence—kindness and affirmations. This immersive exhibition narrates the brand's journey from adversity to empowerment, emphasizing the founder's resilience. A gallery-style showcase of signature bracelets highlights their artistry, while an interactive station allows personalization, fostering a participatory celebration. Real-life stories showcase the brand's positive impact, and the carefully curated aesthetic mirrors its ethos. Networking spaces extend collaboration opportunities. Success is measured not just numerically but by the depth of connection forged, echoing the brand's belief in the transformative power of kindness.

Environmental Graphic Design

Mood Board


Color Palette

Furnishing and Materials

Featured 3-D Jumbo Charms 

Schematic: Floor Plan

Schematic: Main Entrance & Display Wall

Schematic: East Wall

Schematic: West Wall